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Having subclinical acne prone skin is one of the things that can interfere with the appearance. Loss of confidence is one of the effects of the skin disease. Acne is actually a form of skin problem that occurs due to excessive buildup of oil in the sebaceous glands, where the gland is blocked and infected that eventually cause acne. Acne can occur in some parts of our body, but the most common we encounter is acne on the face.

Lemon is one of the natural and cheapest remedies that has been reliably able to overcome the problem on facial acne. To find out how lemons can do that, read a review of the benefits of lemon for acne breakouts, below!

1. Lemons are able to kill acne-causing bacteria

Lemons have anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties that are able to fight acne-causing bacteria. In addition, lemons also have the ability to boost the immune system so that it can help prevent the re-presence of acne in the future. Read more:

2. Lemon is able to remove excess oil on the face

Citric acid content contained in lemon acts as a chemical exfoliant that can help prevent the occurrence of infection and irritation of the facial skin, namely by removing dead skin cells that clog the pores. In addition, the acid content in the lemon is also useful to remove the excess oil on the face, which is the cause of the most major acne.

3. Lemon able to prevent the occurrence of blockage in the pores of the face

The content of natural substances that exist in the lemon is able to reduce and limit the excess oil on the face. In addition, lemon fruit is also able to prevent the entry of dirt or bacteria into the pores that will both bacteria and dirt-dirt will make the pores of the face becomes clogged and can cause acne.

4. Lemon is able to overcome the redness and inflammation caused by acne

Lemon fruit is able to act as a light bleaching for the skin. This hall is very useful to help remove redness and inflammation of facial skin due to acne. In addition, lemon fruit is also believed to brighten the skin and is used in how to remove acne scars.

5. Lemon acts as an antioxidant

Other chemicals that lemons contain are antioxidants . The meaning is that the lemon is able to resist the occurrence of free radicals, which is one of the factors causing the occurrence of inflammation and acne.
By acnebye pimple 22 Apr, 2017
Once you know the various ways to get rid of blackheads quickly, then of course you must know the various supporting actions that will help to speed up the process of removal of blackheads in your skin. Curious what actions can eliminate blackheads? Here's the review for you.

  • Consume Healthy Food. To avoid the occurrence of further blackheads, then that should be done is as much as possible to keep skin health and avoid foods that cause acne on the face appears that will increase the production of sebum in the skin. Expand the consumption of acne-preventing foods and acne-relieving foods.
  • Washing the Face 2 Times a Day. To speed up blackheads, then you need to regularly cleanse your facial skin, at least 2 times a day by applying the correct way to wash your face for acne prone skin. By washing facial skin regularly, then all the dust, dirt, and excess oil attached to the skin will quickly be eliminated from the skin and prevent further blackheads.
  • Enough rest. Adequate rest is one of the simplest lifestyle that can overcome acne and blackheads. With enough rest, then your skin will have enough time to regenerate cells, so blackheads that appear on the skin will be more quickly cured.
  • Do not Touch Blackheads. When you notice the presence of blackheads in your skin, it is very important not to touch them let alone punch them. Squeezing blackheads will actually make the blackheads will be more inflamed, similar to what happens if you squeeze pimples carelessly. Therefore, resist your desire to touch blackheads.
By acnebye pimple 22 Apr, 2017
In addition to retinoids, ingrown pimple cure and severe pimple remedies that will also be very powerful to combat blackheads instantly is isotretinoin. Well, this drug is usually your new use if treatment with natural ingredients or retinoids do not produce satisfactory results. This is because isotretinoin is a drug with strong side effects.

Why Isotretinoin Can Eliminate Blackheads Quickly?

As mentioned above, isotretinoin is a drug that has a strong side effect because it is devoted to severe pimple and stubborn blackheads. The workings of this drug is to reduce sebum production, so that later in the emergence of blackheads due to clogged pores by excess oil can be overcome. Keep in mind is because of its strong side effects, then you need to get recommendations and recipes from your dermatologist trust first.

Blackhead Extraction

One other way that can be used as a solution to combat blackheads quickly is to extraction blackheads. This method can be done alone at home, but the way is not recommended because if you are wrong to extraction blackheads, then that happens exactly your skin will get injured and blackheads will actually get worse.

Why Komedo Extraction Can Eliminate Blackheads Quickly?

This medical method will very quickly remove blackheads because in this way, the active blackheads on the skin will be removed with a special tool. Well, the extraction procedure of blackheads is by pressing the part of your skin is exposed to blackheads, so then blackheads lifted to the surface of your skin. Well, when the blackheads have been lifted, the dermatologist will perform the removal of blackheads with a special tool called komedo extractor. The result, this very powerful way used as a way to remove whiteheads quickly. The thing to remember is, let your dermatologist trust you do this procedure and do not do blackhead extraction at home.


It is also a medical method that will deal with blackheads quickly. Microdermabrasion technology can indeed be a solution for you to overcome stubborn blackheads in your skin. When performing this method, your dermatologist will then use a special tool that has a fine powder like crystal.

Why Does Microdermabrasion Relieve Blackheads Quickly?

The special purpose of this microdermetation technology is to lift the top layer of skin with a special tool, so that your skin will be encouraged to form new skin cells. Well, if new skin cells are formed, then of course contaminants that clog pores and cause blackheads can be eliminated with the maximum. Therefore, in addition to use to mengholangkan comedones, this technique is also useful as a way to remove black stains pimple scars quickly . Initially, after doing this method your skin may be flushed, but the condition will improve over time.

Chemical Peeling

In addition to microdermabrasion, medical ingrown pimple treatment that will also be very useful to combat blackheads quickly is to do chemical peels. When you entrust chemical peels to an experienced dermatologist, you will not be subjected to chemical peels for pimple. So, you should not be afraid to occasionally do chemical peeling treatments.

Why Chemical Peeling Can Eliminate Blackheads Quickly?

Chemical peeling method is the same goal with microdermabrasion, which is to lift the top layer of skin that is intended for the skin to regenerate the skin quickly. As a result, any contaminants that clog the pores will be quickly removed. To do this chemical peeling, usually dermatologists will use chemical liquids to lift the top layer of skin and trigger the skin regeneration process.


Using lasers is of course arguably the medical method for removing the fastest comedones when compared to other methods. However, of course you who want to do this method need to spend a lot of money.

Why Laser Can Eliminate Blackheads Quickly?

Treatment with lasers will generally work in 2 ways. The laser will usually have a vacuum that will remove dirt, dust, dead skin cells, and bacteria that clog the pores, so that your blackheads will disappear instantly. In addition, the fired laser beam will trigger your skin to produce collagen. Well, the benefits of collagen for pimple and blackheads is to improve your skin health and also your skin will become smoother than before.
By acnebye pimple 12 Apr, 2017
Aloe vera can be applied in many ways to treat acne. Here are a few drugs to treat acne with aloe vera. If you do not have an aloe plant can then immediately buy it from the supermarket, because it is not too expensive and not too many eating places and do not require too much water. It can treat acne in other areas rather than a face like the back, chest, scalp. To treat acne and scars with aloe vera can begin to wash your face with a gentle cleanser and apply this gel on the face and neck area. Leave it overnight and wash the next day.

1. Herb aloe vera for acne prone skin

Take fresh leaves of aloe vera gel and squeeze to extract. Then grab the gel and rub it on the acne-affected parts of the skin. Repeat the process for two times a day for at least a week to get rid of acne.

2. Aloe vera Herb and Lemon for acne prone skin

Take a fresh aloe leaf and squeeze the gel. Put this gel in a blender to make a gel lotion, add a few drops of lemon or lime juice and then mix all all together. Place the fresh aloe vera as a lotion into a container and put in freezer. Then, this lotion can be applied to the face as a face mask every night before bed. Leave it like that overnight and wash your face in the morning the next day. Repeat the process on a regular basis, to get the results of the reduction of acne and its scars. By adding a few drops of lemon juice into the aloe vera gel and lotion stirred up earlier can reduce inflammation because it has antibacterial properties of lemon and aloe vera gel that would prevent further spread.

3. Herb aloe vera, honey and turmeric for acne prone skin as a paste

Take a fresh aloe vera gel and add a little turmeric, honey, milk and a few drops of rose water. Mix well and then apply this paste on the pimples affected on the part of the skin. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and wash it thoroughly with water. Continue to do this process on a regular basis until the acne is reduced. By adding a pinch of turmeric to paste this face can also brighten the skin.
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Aloe vera can be as antifungal and reduce the inflammation of acne

The antibacterial properties in aloe vera gel is very effective in treating acne and reduce redness caused by it. Can prevent bacteria from wound infections due to acne and accelerate the healing process. Antifungal properties that are useful for treating inflammatory diseases such as causing boils and cysts on the skin. Magnesium lactate aloe vera can help relieve the itching sensation caused by acne. Magnesium lactate is also effective for treating a skin rash.

Aloe vera can reduce the size of the nodule acne

Substance aloe vera can remove excess oil and dirt from the skin to prevent the spread of acne. This reduces the size of the nodules are inflamed and also the size of the cyst and eliminate the pain caused by swelling. Not only acne, aloe vera gel also helps reduce acne scars with skin regenerate. Anthraquinone in aloe vera can be a refreshing and essential nutrients to the skin members. Moreover, it can improve cell growth and recovery. This can help in removing acne scars and makes skin look radiant and perfect. In addition to brighten the pigmentation of the skin to reduce the appearance of scars and blemishes caused by acne.

Aloe vera can kill the bacteria that cause acne

Aloe vera contains saponins such as gibberellin and polysaccharides that can kill acne-causing bacteria, including the bacteria that cause severe acne. This plant also contains salicylic acid, a compound that can eliminate acne, blackheads and whiteheads on the skin. Further it can help regulate the pH balance of the skin. Dirt can clog pores, causing bacterial infection and blackheads. The application of aloe vera gel on the face can tighten pores, thereby, reduces pores exposure to germs. Aloe vera does not automatically eliminate acne, but it reduces swelling, inflammation and redness associated with it.

Aloe vera as an anti-inflammatory

Ldiah crocodile can be useful as a natural anti-inflammatory that can help reduce redness, inflammation and pain caused by acne. Aloe vera can reduce pain when applied to the acne area. This is due to the content of aloe vera can penetrate the deep layers of pain and relieve inflammation. So as to reduce scars effectively, because it contains antioxidants contained in the gel. This gel will help reduce pain and improve the skin well. It also contains zinc, vitamin C and E, which helps reduce scars from the skin very quickly.
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