Medical Ingrown Pimple Treatment

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  • 22 Apr, 2017
In addition to retinoids, ingrown pimple cure and severe pimple remedies that will also be very powerful to combat blackheads instantly is isotretinoin. Well, this drug is usually your new use if treatment with natural ingredients or retinoids do not produce satisfactory results. This is because isotretinoin is a drug with strong side effects.

Why Isotretinoin Can Eliminate Blackheads Quickly?

As mentioned above, isotretinoin is a drug that has a strong side effect because it is devoted to severe pimple and stubborn blackheads. The workings of this drug is to reduce sebum production, so that later in the emergence of blackheads due to clogged pores by excess oil can be overcome. Keep in mind is because of its strong side effects, then you need to get recommendations and recipes from your dermatologist trust first.

Blackhead Extraction

One other way that can be used as a solution to combat blackheads quickly is to extraction blackheads. This method can be done alone at home, but the way is not recommended because if you are wrong to extraction blackheads, then that happens exactly your skin will get injured and blackheads will actually get worse.

Why Komedo Extraction Can Eliminate Blackheads Quickly?

This medical method will very quickly remove blackheads because in this way, the active blackheads on the skin will be removed with a special tool. Well, the extraction procedure of blackheads is by pressing the part of your skin is exposed to blackheads, so then blackheads lifted to the surface of your skin. Well, when the blackheads have been lifted, the dermatologist will perform the removal of blackheads with a special tool called komedo extractor. The result, this very powerful way used as a way to remove whiteheads quickly. The thing to remember is, let your dermatologist trust you do this procedure and do not do blackhead extraction at home.


It is also a medical method that will deal with blackheads quickly. Microdermabrasion technology can indeed be a solution for you to overcome stubborn blackheads in your skin. When performing this method, your dermatologist will then use a special tool that has a fine powder like crystal.

Why Does Microdermabrasion Relieve Blackheads Quickly?

The special purpose of this microdermetation technology is to lift the top layer of skin with a special tool, so that your skin will be encouraged to form new skin cells. Well, if new skin cells are formed, then of course contaminants that clog pores and cause blackheads can be eliminated with the maximum. Therefore, in addition to use to mengholangkan comedones, this technique is also useful as a way to remove black stains pimple scars quickly . Initially, after doing this method your skin may be flushed, but the condition will improve over time.

Chemical Peeling

In addition to microdermabrasion, medical ingrown pimple treatment that will also be very useful to combat blackheads quickly is to do chemical peels. When you entrust chemical peels to an experienced dermatologist, you will not be subjected to chemical peels for pimple. So, you should not be afraid to occasionally do chemical peeling treatments.

Why Chemical Peeling Can Eliminate Blackheads Quickly?

Chemical peeling method is the same goal with microdermabrasion, which is to lift the top layer of skin that is intended for the skin to regenerate the skin quickly. As a result, any contaminants that clog the pores will be quickly removed. To do this chemical peeling, usually dermatologists will use chemical liquids to lift the top layer of skin and trigger the skin regeneration process.


Using lasers is of course arguably the medical method for removing the fastest comedones when compared to other methods. However, of course you who want to do this method need to spend a lot of money.

Why Laser Can Eliminate Blackheads Quickly?

Treatment with lasers will generally work in 2 ways. The laser will usually have a vacuum that will remove dirt, dust, dead skin cells, and bacteria that clog the pores, so that your blackheads will disappear instantly. In addition, the fired laser beam will trigger your skin to produce collagen. Well, the benefits of collagen for pimple and blackheads is to improve your skin health and also your skin will become smoother than before.

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